Prof. Karine Chevreul

Karine Chevreul is Professor of Public Health and Health Economics URC Eco Paris and Deputy Director ECEVE, INSERM, Paris (France). Karine Chevreul is a medical doctor and Professor in public health, specialising in health policy and health economics. She completed her PhD at the London School of Economics and has been a technical advisor to policy makers and Ministers of health and of social security, elderly, disabled and family. Her field of research covers health services research, and e-health in the field of mental health. She is currently the Head of Health Services Research Projects in the Health Economics and Health Services Research Unit of the Paris Hospital Consortium (AP-HP), the Deputy Head of an INSERM and University of Paris 7 team (ECEVE). She is also the head of the ERASM team conducting research in Mental Health Services and Economics. She is currently at the ANU under the Jean Monnet Europa policy Labs Visiting Fellowship.