Prof. Carlos García-Alonso

Prof. Carlos García-Alonso is Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Loyola University Andalucía. He is an Agricultural Engineer, PhD. His areas of research are Operational research, Modeling, Simulation models and computational economy and Management of the uncertainty (Generalized information theory and Fuzzy logic). He has played a central role in the development of health systems engineering in Spain. Carlos R. García-Alonso has designed and developed the following software prototypes (main designs): computer-based system for the assessment of autocorrelation geographical analysis (to identify and locate highly significant –prevalence and incidence- spatial areas mainly for health care), computer-based system for the evaluation of relative technical efficiency (health care management) and a simulation model for the assessment of illnesses costs (health care management). All of them are hybrid models that include: a simulation engine, a fuzzy inference engine (for expert knowledge management) and, finally, an operational or a statistical model (cost analysis, autocorrelation analysis, relative efficiency, etc.). He is the secretary of the research reference network PSICOST and has participated in major Horizon 2020 European projects in mental health economics and service research such as REFINEMENT and PECUNIA.