Dr. Sergio Leon-Saval

Dr Sergio G. Leon-Saval is the Director of the Sydney Astrophotonic Instrumentation Laboratory (SAIL) at the University of Sydney and the president of the association of Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific (SRAP). He was awarded his PhD by the University of Bath, UK, in 2006. In October 2007 he joined the Optical Fibre Technology Centre (OFTC) in Sydney, Australia. In 2009, he moved to the University of Sydney, Australia where he is currently part of the Institute of Photonics and Optical Science (IPOS) Executive Committee; Senior Member of the Sydney Institute for Astronomy (SIfA); a Faculty Member of the School of Physics; and Director of the Sydney Astrophotonics Instrumentation Laboratory (SAIL). Dr Leon-Saval has more than 12 years of experience in the research area of photonics, optical devices and Astrophotonics –astronomical instrumentation using photonics. Dr Leon-Saval has co-authored over 70 international refereed journals and more than 110 conference papers since 2004 with over 4532 citations, and a h-index of 35. He is a reviewer and editor for several international technical programme committees (TPC); and a member of international organisations such as the Optical American Society (Senior Member), IEEE, and the Optical Australian Society. Dr Leon-Saval works in photonics, optical fibre devices and astronomical/space instrumentation. His major expertise is on optical fibre transitions for device applications. More recently his research has been focused on the development of photonic new concepts for astronomical instrumentation and spectroscopy, telecommunications and remote sensing for the farming industry.