Dr. Juan Pablo Guerschman

Dr. Juan Pablo Guerschman is a senior Research Scientist with CSIRO Land and Water. He joined CSIRO in 2005, after receiving a PhD in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In his first years in CSIRO as a postdoc his research focused on the calibration and application of a regional carbon cycle model, and the integration of remote sensing and ground-based observations through model-data assimilation for the analysis of carbon dynamics of tropical savannas. From 2007 onwards, he has been a project researcher and then research scientist with the model-data integration team of the Environmental Earth Observation Program. He has played a leading role in developing and evaluating methods to use satellite observations in hydrological and land management applications. Between 2009 and 2012, he led a part of the research portfolio of the Water Information Research & Development Alliance between the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, around remote sensing of land cover and landscape water and using this to inform the Australian Water Resources and Assessment System. Juan has also been actively involved in developing algorithms for estimating vegetation cover from remotely sensed data across rangelands and croplands and applying these estimates to deliver timely information for better management of these environments.